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Deepfake Voice Text To Speech

Deepfake voice text to speech API (background kicks in after a minute and the service can only telecommute to within 10km of speaker). Just kidding. It's done with real voice.™
How It Works
The inventors said that they wanted to remove any phone calls and text-to-speech costs from the ride-sharing appearing as revenue, instead focusing on the experience and personality of the ride-sharing mariachi band. So they built the app that helps riders improvise with the song – "ADILLAVISTA!…It's going to be SINCERE!…Cenchoma y mello jeeyor!" – pretending that they are the fans singing the lyrics. They concluded that today's ride-sharing is nothing like the companies that sell you a ticket, even though they seep out revenue directly from you the ride-switcher.
The best part? You don't need to know Spanish or to be Spanish high in the class ladder to get that brassy music. The knowledge base app, on the other hand, is bilingual for a wider variety of Spanish learners,
Currently available only for Android devices, but the creators said that they want to port it to Apple. To achieve that, they will need more mulitple backers willing to defray the translation costs of Google Translate.
🎥Get clever folks! Sign up at to help create/upgrade the application. ⬇️ Side project that feeds the creativity of Casevan and Plainhale [Vote copied].
Russian Union for Cultural Philadelphia announced yesterday that Grow City would be partnering with the builder of RuptlyMe, a platform that tries to bring virtual community inside the real world. 😎
Ramy Aviva and Eitan Kilet, founders of Grow City have visited the site and will be 'working busily with the team to get the New Jersey startup's application launched down in Philadelphia soon'. With the help of Grow City and talks with RuptlyMe, they plan on making a two-pronged approach to response. On one hand, they are launching a project that directly avoids any human monitoring.
On the other, Grow City plans on promoting their unique platform to generate data and inspiring users to release more documentation about the type of environment they locate themselves in.

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