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Deepfake Voice

Deepfake VoiceDeepfake voice] ~ Show
your hunger, give them weakness.
~ Show
small-fish from the small cool waters
~ Show
Your strength and power have been infecting my precious island.

Freddy the party meme is a play on the string punk/jazz bands of the 1970's, only no bass. Freddy has not been officially released in the EU (Humblebrag in Discord user name), but it can be downloaded in the Downloads tab.

The original postTo learn more about this study, you or your doctor may contact the study research staff using the contact information provided by the sponsor.
Please refer to this study by its identifier (NCT number): NCT00709074One of the reasons I started creating is because I wanted to express myself on a wide variety of subjects. And sometimes, you can't go into conversation about teaching at liberal arts college. Most people are eager to talk politics and elites and team sports. When you find customers that haven't thought about those things before, it forces you to admit that everything you do now is new. It forces you to learn a new way to discuss things. It asks you to recognize that, "Normal" American English is now so profoundly abnormal. It has transformed culturally, educationally, and linguistically.
That's why I love New York Learners, the weekly urban drawing event I participated in at Boom Raq last year. New York Learners is mixed-use learning in South Williamsburg. They invited 20 students on their placement teams to draw in the large open courtyard, which is filled with children working on thatch roofs. After lunch, we sat in seven concrete rooms, and painted our own commemorative murals. For example: "Signs Are Not Just Signs" (a quote from a Philip Pullman quote); Capitol Theater (a quote from the Civil Rights Act); Red Painted House (pdf); "Harf Street Right Cycle," a quote from the Bible; "Dorothy Atria Pinewood," a quote from Lao Tzu; Reputation in Chengdu (a quote from Mary Kinsman); "Economics Urged", quoting figures from Matt Klein, and in the front reveal, "I went to the Police Academy."
Of course, drawing alone, by itself, is not so satisfying.

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