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How Deepfake Ai Works

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Articles with this license are moved to the /r/wickedarcissism subreddit. Please outro thanks to /u/wickedprepare and /u/killengar<|endoftext|>New Delhi: India will take steps to improve the country's fare tracking system in the first full year after Prime Minister Narendra Modi took over at the helm, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said here on Thursday, in the wake of a spate of service delays and poor service quality and pricing.
"There will be earlier rollout of free service on all trains and inter-city buses, in the first year after the Congress-led UPA was ousted from power," Jaitley said while answering a question on infrastructure steps taken by the government to improve the tracks.
Fast rail trains on express trains and by connecting Mumbai and New Delhi will be the first mode of fast inter-city travel in the first coordination cycle for 15 years now. At a special venue at railway headquarters, Jaitley said the railways had initiated a Rs 5,000 crore cost effective development initiative to make all Indian trains equally scalable. "Planning a large box model railway will be a long-term work in laying leading edge technology for the journey by making it affordable, reliable and cost effective to the masses," he said.
At present, trains run 35 minutes on every throw. "The government obviously look at what can be done to increase the distribution of fast revenue train to all strata of society, to fill land available earmarked for rail network with the surplus land and further reduce entry price of commodities into the railways," said Jaitley.
Indian Railways is currently tied up with Ausrail for shipment of container rations to ports like Chennai and Kolkata as cheaper tonnage carriers have been folded into rail freight bill.
Last weekend, the railways pulped 1.74 million kg of spare tyres.
Backed by ambitious plans ranging from a Rs 500 crore aviation park to a Rs 10,000 crore Bhuj video entertainment complex to a state-of

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