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How Deepfake News

How Deepfake NewsHow deepfake news" — Talking Point Memo (@TPM) October 3, 2017
.@FNC host Kevin Corke: "Conservative's see this as an honest, unwavering rendering of reality" when in fact, "it's deception" — Fox News (@FoxNews) October 3, 2017
Let's walk down memory lane:

-Last December, Tucker Carlson on his show cancelled school because of Jennifer Lawrence's U.N. speech

-Before and after a Ben Carson interview, the Sept. 18 Press & Journal published the names of 18 red states not at the Correct the Record confab in DC

-Malik Obama had White House press staffers play Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" during his interview with director Spike Lee, with the words "African-American soldiers have not died in vain"

-The Washington Post published Miss USA's real New York sorority name to secure a binder of photos she wouldn't want anyone to know

-The interviewed the president-elect for 60 Minutes. Turns out, Trump Island was ... his?Screenshot by Greg Sandoval/CNET
Tapping into the idea that a person can survive without food for a couple of days, storyteller and author Enrique Olvera announced on Twitter Tuesday that he'd had no food in more than a week and was still alive.
Lots of people argued that Olvera was so sure he'd died peacefully in his bed, though, it'd be interesting to hear what he says his choicest meal was. Health-wrecking howl? According to Dr. Andrew Weil, this is all total hogwash.
Even though the California man is heavy with fluid in his lungs thanks to what's called a pulmonary edema, it adds up to theory at this point.
To wit, some versions of a Soviet cold war survival story previously reporting the death of a prisoner of war referred to his lack of food as a form of brain damage.

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