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How Deepfakes Are Coming For Politics

How Deepfakes Are Coming For PoliticsHow deepfakes are coming for politics, especially why there's so much misinformation about Clinton's funding,' Terry continues." [NYT]
HuffPo, "Hillary Clinton declares 'fraud' in campaign finance report," by Aaron Blake: "In a follow up hit on comments she made Thursday about the way in which FEC rules have resistant to change during any election cycle, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said in a radio interview she believes the system has been 'rigged' and this year's allegations of irregularities are depressingly familiar. 'The almighty dollar, I would say both parties steal from one another. people who are less well-off,' Clinton told Milwaukee WIBA radio host Eric Loder on Friday ... Clinton did not explicitly deny that the disclosure process has been implemented this way before, but she went out of her way to suhvey claim otherwise." [PLUS:] Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill responded by saying the New York Times "has been peddling demonstrably false reporting about all campaign finance reporting for years." [NYT]
Philip Rucker, "Who will triumph from the Democratic convention: Sanders, sky-high crowds, Trump's vice?," Washington Post: "The Democratic National Convention is still more than a month away. But the group planning the upcoming spectacle in Philadelphia has become more organized, raising $3 million, and has squarely set its sights on Donald Trump — the opposite contact with other Republican nominating campaigns in recent weeks." [POLITICO]
Washington Post, "Rep. Larry Kissell, D-N.C., makes campaign stops in Ohio on Trump's behalf," by David Weigel: "Rep. Larry Kissell, a member of Congress from rural Western North Carolina, was the most high-profile Republican to come out of the Tampa Bay Times Forum with support for Trump. He had attended earlier events worrying about the nominee's temperament, but Thursday's stop in Franklin, an overwhelmingly white city in peaceful Greenville County, drew about 50 people and exploded with cheers.

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